The University of California, Santa Barbara is committed to honest and open communication with the Western Association Accrediting Commission and to informing the Commission promptly of any matter that could materially affect the accreditation status of the institution. In furtherance of this commitment, the university has appointed an Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO).

Campus Accreditation Contacts

Linda Adler-Kassner
Accreditation Liaison Officer
Associate Vice Chancellor, Teaching and Learning

Amanda Brey
Associate Accreditation Liaison Officer
Director, Academic Program Review

Some background on the position of the Accreditation Liaison Officer

The chief executive officer of each campus selects the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) to work with the Commission and its staff on matters of accreditation. In appointing the liaison officer, the chief executive officer considers the following criteria: perspective of the institution, visibility, accrediting experience or desire to become involved in WASC activities, and clerical resources.

Duties for the accreditation liaison officer are:

  1. To provide an identified place on campus where information can be disseminated and questions answered about institutional and specialized accreditation.
  2. To prepare the Annual Report that is required by WASC, and notify the Commission of substantive changes and program developments, as required by Commission policy.
  3. To maintain a file of all accreditation materials, such as Institutional Review reports, evaluation team reports, accreditation manuals and guidelines, schedules of all visits, and correspondence from accrediting offices including Commission Action Letters. It may also be appropriate for the library to keep duplicates of Institutional Review reports and evaluation team reports. The liaison officer should make sure that faculty, administration, staff, and students know that these materials are available.
  4. To interpret for the institution Commission accrediting Standards, policies, and procedures, and to call attention to particular sections of the Handbook that may apply to certain aspects of the campus, particularly when Standards or Commission policies are adopted or revised.
  5. To serve as chair or resource person for the institutional self-review, coordinate preparations in advance of evaluation visits, and assist in follow-up studies resulting from the evaluation.
  6. To attend meetings of liaison officers in order to receive information and participate in policy development.
  7. To serve on evaluation teams, when invited.
  8. To develop and coordinate accreditation visits and schedules, when possible.
  9. To receive and respond to, as appropriate, copies of complaints referred by the Commission staff to the chief executive officer.
  10. To receive Commission bills for fees and visit expenses, and make sure they are paid promptly.

The liaison officer facilitates an effective relationship between the Commission and the institution and enhances the participation of the institution in accreditation. The liaison officer seek advice and counsel from the Commission staff.

From WASC’s Policies Manual, March 2009